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Client was in a small car when he was hit head on by a pick-up truck that had lost control during storm.


Client was t-boned in an intersection causing his SUV to roll onto its side.


Client was a passenger in car that t-boned another car that failed to yield the right-of-way when it turned left in front of client.


Client was driving a small car when it was t-boned by a three quarter ton truck pulling a heavy trailer. The collision caused client’s car to spin violently out of control. The truck that struck client’s car intruded so far into the passenger compartment that it ripped client’s steering wheel from the steering column.


Client was northbound on I-25 as the roads began to ice over. A large box truck that was southbound on I-25 lost control, crossed over the center median, rolled over and slammed into client’s SUV.


Client was t-boned at an intersection


Client was hit head on at intersection


Client was rear-ended at a red light.


Client was rear-ended on the interstate.


Client was a passenger in a car that t-boned another car that turned left in front of her.


Settled with the at-fault driver for his policy limit then made an underinsured motorist claim. Filed a lawsuit against the insurance company that insured the SUV that client was a passenger in when it was t-boned by another car. The insurance company refused to pay any underinsured motorist benefits and denied Client’s claim entirely.


Lawsuit against client’s insurance company for not paying underinsured motorist benefits after a head-on collision.


Client rear-ended at a temporary stop sign in a construction zone.


Client was sideswiped by an uninsured rental car driven by a man from a foreign country.


Minor child with pre-existing condition was a passenger in a car that was rear-ended on the highway.


Client t-boned at an intersection by a garbage truck.