It’s no secret that driving can be a risky endeavor even if you take precautions to ensure that you are driving carefully. Accidents happen to people from all walks of life.Here are a few recent statistics on the state of car accidents in Colorado.

Don’t drive drunk! The penalty for a first time DUI offense that results in significant injury includes a $600 to $1000 fine, a nine-month suspension of your license, and five days to a year in jail! If you do find yourself in a DUI situation, be sure to hire a drunk driver accident lawyer.

Colorado has seen a significant increase in accident-related causes as the result of drivers under the influence of marijuana.

In 2017, Colorado experienced the highest rate of traffic-related deaths in more than a decade, while the rest of the United States experienced an overall decrease in accident-related fatalities.

While crashes are an unfortunate side effect of frequent driving, taking the right precautions to drive safely will decrease your chances of being involved in a life-threatening accident.