When it comes to auto accidents, there are often dozens of reasons why they can occur, many of which are entirely preventable. Here are a few of the many causes of car accidents:

 Distracted Driving

Texting or browsing your phone while driving is one of the largest causes of auto accidents today and is extremely dangerous. When driving, it’s important you focus entirely on the road and leave the messages for when your vehicle is stopped.

Drunk Driving

Another common cause of accidents is driving under the influence of alcohol. Drinking significantly impairs the driver’s ability to stop and start their vehicle, which can serious injury to the driver and anyone else on the road.

Driving While Tired

Just as you shouldn’t drive while impaired, getting behind the wheel when tired is another common cause of accidents. When your body is exhausted, you’re significantly likely to make mistakes when driving which can often result in a crash. If you’re too tired to drive, make the smart decision to pull off to the side of the road and find alternate means of transportation until you have had proper rest.

Car Issues

Another common cause of accidents in the state of Colorado is malfunction of car parts like brakes, steering, lights, etc. It’s always important to ensure that your car is in drivable shape before getting behind the wheel.

Speeding and Otherwise Reckless Driving

Lastly, another cause of accidents is speeding or otherwise reckless driving. Excessive speeding doesn’t just put you at risk; it puts anyone who might come into contact with your vehicle at risk as well.

While there are many more causes of accidents, the majority can be prevented through safe driving and by following all traffic laws put forth by the state of Colorado.