Sharing the Road: Bicycle Safety


It is rumored that the first documented car accident in U.S. history, recorded back in 1896, involved a car colliding with a bicycle. It’s difficult to imagine any type of collision back then with as few vehicles of any type as there were on the road. With today’s numbers, however, collisions abound. If you’ve been injured in a bicycle accident, Colorado Springs bicycle accident attorney Greg Green can help.

Americans are buying bicycles at the rate of 16 million a year. When those bicycles are mixed in with the 250 million registered vehicles on U.S. roads, accidents are bound to happen.

In fact, approximately 45,000 bicyclists are injured every year in collisions, and another 700 are killed.

With the growing popularity of cycling for recreation, exercise, and commuting, cyclists and motorists must learn to co-exist.

Dangerous Scenarios for Cyclists

Intersections continue to be a dangerous area for bicyclists. According to available numbers, 35 percent of all fatal bicycle accidents occurred when the cyclist was trying to cross a roadway. Drivers may not see the cyclist or they may have ignored the right-of-way laws at the time of the collision.

Limited visibility at driveway and parking lot entrances increase the odds of cyclists being struck by motor vehicles as they cross them. Cyclists should always stop and check that the way is clear before crossing, because while motorists check the road for other vehicles, they may not look for bicycles.

Bicycle accidents can result in gruesome injuries and even death. Abrasions, cuts, brain injuries, broken bones, busted teeth, closed head trauma, and coma are some of the injuries sustained by bicyclists. Friction burn and amputation are also known results of an impact to a bicycle rider.

Colorado Springs Bicycle Accident FAQ

Safety Tips for Motorists

By adhering to these simple steps, you can do your part to reduce bicycle accidents:

  • When passing a cyclist, be sure to give a wide berth- over 15 states have passed a 3-foot rule.
  • Check your mirrors and blind spots for cyclists before initiating turns.
  • Don’t drive impaired or distracted.
  • Always obey the posted speed limits.
  • Look before opening your door, especially when parked on the street.

Bicycle Safety Tips

To help avoid bicycle accidents follow these tips:

  • Maximize your visibility. Wear light colored or reflective clothing, and make sure your bicycle is outfitted with reflectors and lights.
  • Stay attentive when approaching an intersection.
  • Adjusting your lane position to the left as you approach an intersection will make you more visible to drivers.
  • Try to ride single file when riding with friends.
  • Never ride impaired or distracted.

Never ride against traffic. Not only is it illegal for bicycles to do this, it is also very dangerous and accounts for a large portion of bicycle accidents.

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