Catastrophic Car Accident Injuries

Every year in the United States, there are over 5 million reported traffic accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration approximates that an additional 10 million crashes- or more- go unreported each year. With those kinds of numbers, it is likely that most people will be involved in a car accident at some point in their lives. When that happens, working with an experienced Colorado Springs car accident attorney can make a big difference in your outcome.

Some of these accidents are minor, resulting in very little property damage or personal injury. However, millions of people in the United States are seriously injured or killed in catastrophic car accidents each year.

Some of the catastrophic injuries that result from car accidents include:

  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). A jolt or blow to the head can cause damage to the brain. A concussion is a form of mild TBI. However, more severe brain injuries can result in long-lasting or permanent interruptions to cognitive abilities, motor function, emotional control, and sensation.
  • Back and Spinal Cord Injuries. Less severe back injuries can result in chronic pain and loss of mobility. Injuries to the spinal cord can cause paralysis, paraplegia, or even quadriplegia, resulting in wide-spread loss of function and sensation.
  • Broken Bones. Car accident victims may suffer any type of fractured bones including, arms, legs, ribs, collarbones, or sternums. If the fractures are serious enough, they could require surgery to repair, and displaced ribs can cause damage to internal organs.
  • Internal Organ Injuries. The force of the impact, or car parts damaged in the accident, can bruise and rupture internal organs. Injuries to internal organs such as the heart, lungs, spleen, liver, and kidneys can be fatal or necessitate emergency surgery to repair.
  • Loss of Limbs. Serious car accidents can result in the loss of an arm, leg, hand, foot, fingers, or toes. Limbs and appendages that become trapped or crushed in a car accident may require surgical amputation. Amputations often necessitate lengthy rehabilitation programs and expensive prosthetic or assistive devices.
  • Although relatively rare, when fires and explosions accompany car accidents they can have catastrophic results. Additionally, car accident victims can suffer burns from touching over-heated vehicle components, including automotive fluids, escaping radiator steam, or hot metal. Severe third degree burns can damage muscle and bone, requiring years of painful and expensive treatment, permanent scarring, or result in death.
  • Psychological Injuries. A serious car accident can cause lasting emotional injuries, as well. Those who have been seriously injured or who have witnessed gruesome injuries or fatalities in a crash may suffer post-traumatic stress disorder. Some victims who are facing lengthy recoveries from injuries or permanent disabilities may suffer from depression.

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