Shoulder Injuries from Car Accidents

The shoulder is a complex system of highly mobile parts and is a common location of car accident related injuries. Luckily, treatments for these injuries can be compensated through insurance — if you have the right Colorado Springs injury attorney on your side.

Any injury to the shoulder should be diagnosed promptly to ensure the best possible recovery. But, even with a timely diagnosis and treatment, victims of shoulder injuries can be left with a lifetime of pain and limited mobility. Seeing your doctor immediately after a car accident and getting the injury documented will help you obtain adequate compensation for the severity of your injury.

Some common shoulder injuries after a car accident include:

  • Fractured shoulder bone
  • Separated shoulder
  • Damaged rotator cuff
  • A tear in the shoulder cartilage
  • Torn muscle
  • Pain caused by whiplash

Those who suffer any type of shoulder injury in a car accident can expect to experience one, or more, of the following symptoms:

  • Decrease in range of motion
  • Moderate to severe pain during activities or at rest
  • Sensations of popping, grinding, or locking of the socket
  • Loss of strength in the arm
  • Insomnia caused by pain
  • Feeling of instability in the affected shoulder


Due to the limited flow of blood to certain parts of the shoulder, traditional means of healing can be ineffective. Many times, arthroscopic surgery is required for severe shoulder injuries.

Nevertheless, some people do respond to non-surgical forms of treatment, including:

  • Cortisone injections
  • Supervised physical therapy
  • Period of inactivity to allow the inflammation to subside
  • Non-prescription and Prescription strength pain relievers

Even with surgery and physical therapy, chronic pain and permanent mobility limitations can be a reality with a shoulder injury following a car accident. This can lead to a loss of enjoyment of your recreational activities or leaving you unable to fulfill your work-related obligations.

What to Do Immediately Following a Car Accident

After a car accident, see your doctor as soon as possible. Explain to your doctor every detail of the pain, and don’t be timid about asking for special imaging procedures that could help document your injury. If you are seeing a massage therapist, physical therapist, or chiropractor, keep your primary care physician abreast of those visits.

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