The Monument personal injury attorneys of the Green Law Firm, P.C. are dedicated to helping injured Coloradans throughout El Paso county.

If you’ve experienced an injury from an auto accident in the Monument, Colorado, area, it’s essential to seek compensation if you weren’t at fault for the collision. While your insurance provider may cover a lot of the damages to your vehicle, there will still be extra costs from your injury. You may also miss a considerable amount of time at work if you’re severely injured.

Using a team of personal injury attorneys can help ensure that you receive the compensation you’re owed. Don’t let other lawyers bully you in court – choose an experienced team of attorneys that will fight for your damages.

Types of Personal Injury

While we deal with a broad range of personal injury cases, we mainly focus on injuries related to auto accidents. We’ve successfully fought for countless auto-related cases in Colorado state courts. Below, let’s take a look at some of the typical auto accident cases we deal with at Green Law Firm, P.C.

Car Accidents

Unfortunately, auto accidents can be catastrophic. You may be dealing with severe injuries if you’ve been involved in a high-speed accident on Colorado roads. We’ve dealt with car accident cases of all kinds, so we can help you fight for your right to compensation in Colorado state courts.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can leave victims with significant injuries. However, just because motorcycles leave you with less protection doesn’t mean that you’re not entitled to compensation if an accident occurs.

You may also be entitled to compensation if negligent road conditions caused your accident. There doesn’t always have to be another vehicle involved to seek compensation. Speak with one of our attorneys today to get a better understanding of whether you can seek personal injury damages.

Truck Accidents

It sometimes seems unfair that large trucks are allowed to share the same roads as smaller family vehicles. Unfortunately, many truck drivers are reckless on the highways – they’re responsible for some of the most serious accidents on Colorado roads. If you’re involved in a trucking-related accident, it’s essential to speak with an attorney immediately.

Trucking compensation claims can get complicated, since trucking companies often have large legal teams to help defend themselves against expensive claims. This means you’ll be up against some of the fiercest attorneys in the country – you need a team with experience to help you fight against such large firms.

It’s also important to understand that trucking claims can encapsulate a wide range of accidents. For example, if debris from the back of a truck causes your vehicle to leave the road, you can file a claim against the truck. There doesn’t need to be contact between you and the truck for compensation to be awarded.

Wrongful Death

If a family member or loved one has been killed in an auto accident, you can sue for wrongful death damages against the perpetrator. While this won’t go far in healing the emotional scars of such a trauma, it can help you seek justice if your family member that has been killed due to negligence.

Winter in Monument: Dangerous Conditions

While winter in Colorado brings about some of the best festive periods of the year, it’s not without its dangers. An influx of tourists to the region plus an icy environment can make for risky road conditions. Many people unfamiliar with the Monument region aren’t equipped to deal with the adverse driving conditions.

Make sure to practice defensive driving during the winter months. If an accident does occur, always call the police and contact your insurance company right away. This can help you establish the narrative of the accident.

If you don’t have evidence that someone else caused the accident, you may have a harder time claiming compensation. Defendants will fight hard to disprove their involvement in a road-related incident – don’t let them get away with harming you or a loved one.

Monument, Colorado is located in El Paso County and is home to just over 6,400 people. It is a small town near Highway 105 and I-25 and its neighboring communities include Larkspur, Paler Lake, and Colorado Springs. Residents here commute an average of 21 minutes to and from work often down a dangerous stretch I-25. During busy rush hours, traffic accident frequently occur, causing a variety of injuries.